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- You can’t read this without saying Thank You JESUS it’s a promise!

✍️If You Are Looking For Wealth, Somebody else Is Looking For Health.

✍️If You Are Looking For Health, Somebody else Just Dièd.

✍️If You are Looking For Power, Somebody else Has Acquired And Used it, And he/she is now Powerless.

✍️Each Time You Drive A Fancy Car, Somebody, Somewhere Is Dying In A Car Crash.

✍️Each Time a New Mansion Springs From The Earth, A New Grave is Dug Below The Earth.

✍️Each Time You Throw Away A Morsel, Somebody else somewhere is Searching For a Morsel To Survive.

✍️Each Time You Throw Food Into Dustbin, Someone else Is Looking For Remnant To Eat.

✍️Each Time You Ask God To Promote or Change Your Present Situation, Someone else Is Praying to Get To Your Present Situation.

✍️For Each Smile On The Planet, There’s a Drop Of Tear In Another Place On The Planet.

✍️For Each Celebration Of Childbirth, There Are Tears of Bùrial.

✍️Each Time You Urinate Or Drink Water, Remember Someone Is Using Pipe For The Same Purpòse.

💥So Always Be Thankful.💥

Think of the Goodness u have rather than the vanities u long for.👌
(Ecclesiastes 1:2-8 KJV)
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Author T. C. Wanyanwu

Nigerian 🇳🇬 author of the book titled JESUS IS A BLACK MAN: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH and others📚🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟