Thinking Man: Poems from Nigeria by Paul Eboh: A Review By T. C. Wanyanwu

Author T. C. Wanyanwu
1 min readJun 8, 2024

Thinking Man by Paul Henry Eboh is a collection of poems that tackles a vast range of themes. From introspective calls to “think your best” and “do the good” to explorations of nature, philosophy, and human struggles, Eboh offers a “well-balanced package” brimming with wisdom.

The poems themselves are described as “beautiful, emotional, motivational, and interesting,” written with “simplicity” and “passion.” They utilize various poetic devices like rhyme, metaphor, and imagery to deliver messages on life lessons, human rights, love, and overcoming challenges.


💥Wide Range of Themes: Eboh tackles a multitude of subjects, ensuring something for everyone.

💥Motivational and Uplifting: The poems encourage readers to strive for their best and choose the right path.

💥Educational Value: The use of poetic devices makes the collection suitable for students and poetry enthusiasts alike.

✍️Potential Considerations:

Complexity: The synopsis suggests some poems may be dense with philosophical and historical references.

Overall, Thinking Man by Paul Henry Eboh is a thought-provoking collection with the power to inspire and educate readers. If you enjoy introspective poetry that tackles life’s big questions, this book is worth checking out. Contact the author to place your order!



Author T. C. Wanyanwu

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